Stack Multi-Purpose HTML with Page Builder

Stack is a robust, responsive multi-purpose HTML5 template compatible with Bootstrap 4. Take your Startup business website to the next level. Inspired by Bitcoin? Launch a cryptocurrency ICO. Show off your one-page portfolio with smooth parallax. Feeling creative? Begin construction on your blog. Stack will Amp up your multi-page corporate or mobile app website. Sell more with a responsive property, real estate or restaurant landing page.

Stack puts reusable HTML and modular CSS first, blending contemporary styling with beautiful markup throughout each HTML template in the pack.

Variant takes the pain out of building a website. Use our exclusive page builder to save time. Stack forms the ideal starting point to static or CMS website projects of any kind.

Stack has everything you need, boasting over 140 demo pages, 270 customizable interface blocks and a plethora of carefully crafted base elements.

Quality and quantity in equal measure

Stack ships with over 140 content layouts, including 30 tailored niche homepages (from startup landing page to restaurant, portfolio and more) showcasing just a glimpse of what is possible with the detailed block and element library — from working social media feeds, contact forms and subscription blocks to fullscreen lightbox galleries and filterable portfolios, Stack is infinitely reusable, the ideal go-to template for your client projects.

Coded for Developers

Each of Stack’s 240+ interface blocks are powered by the vast collection of customisable elements. This modular system empowers developers to create their own blocks quickly and easily leaving more time for layout and interface experimentation. Our dedication to high performance means that Stack never uses inline styles, junk classes or layout-specific stylesheets. Instead, you’ll find a modular collection of LESS components to include (or exclude) based on the individual needs of your project — no one file size fits all solutions here.

Adhering to the BEM (Block Element Modifier) methodology, Stack makes element and plugin customization logical and predictable. Thorough explanation of class and data attribute modifiers means you won’t be left guessing — It’s all here in Stack’s Element Index. For those who want to delve deeper, check out Stack’s extensive browser based documentation.

Crafted for Designers

Stack offers a formidable toolkit for designers to create diverse and beautiful websites that are underpinned by rock-solid design fundamentals. Layouts conform to a baseline grid, typography scales appropriately with different devices and colour schemes allow for a fully brandable design. In its original flavour, Stack showcases a clean and contemporary look fit for a range of purposes; employing the many colour scheme and font pairing options opens up a new level of aesthetic opportunity; Stack is a stunning canvas awaiting your touch.

The optional Variant Page Builder lets you select from over 240 interface blocks: customise colours, content arrangements, add image backgrounds, switch out icons all at the click of a button — the layouting potential is near limitless. Assembling mockups is no longer a tedious task, get working prototypes to your clients lightning fast and deliver production-ready pages easier than any traditional HTML template. Try it now.

Built with Beginners in mind

Medium Rare templates are renowned for being beginner-friendly and Stack represents an even deeper commitment to accessibility. Whether you’re just starting out with HTML or come to website creation as a hobbyist, you’ll find a suitable entry-point.

Variant Page Builder helps you to build fully working pages by selecting from over 240 premade interface blocks. Easily adjust the look and feel of your design using the smart controls on each block, change text content simply by typing over existing text, add your own images with the image selector and more — once done your page is exported as pure HTML, ready for deeper customisation.

Stack features thorough and well-written documentation to help guide you in customising pages to fit your needs, and if you get stuck – we’re always close at hand via our dedicated support forum Each license purchase gives you 6 months of prompt and professional support!

Variant Page Builder – Build websites visually in-browser

Variant Page Builder is Themeforest’s most popular HTML page building tool, exclusive to Medium Rare templates. Over 35,000 customers love the ease and flexibility that comes with building pages in-browser. No installs, no long load times, no server setup. Variant delivers pure HTML pages reflecting exactly what you see in browser, no nasty inline styles or junk classes.

Quickly assemble pages using pre-built interface blocks and visually edit content directly on the page. Variant enables you to move quickly beyond working mockups to production-ready pages that output in pure HTML ready for deployment, or for your own code customizations. Your workflow just got snappy.

Elite Support – We’re here for our customers

Each purchase of a Stack licence comes with 6 months of our much-celebrated customer support. We proudly back our products via a dedicated support forum ( where each day we help customers navigate the features of our templates and troubleshoot issues they may encounter. As an Elite Author, we’ve built a reputation on timely and personable support that keeps customers coming back — with Medium Rare, you know you’re in the hands of professionals.

Stack Multipurpose HTML features:

  • 150+ HTML pages
  • 280+ customizable interface blocks
  • Variant Page Builder included
  • 32 niche homepage layouts
  • Based on Bootstrap 4.0.0
  • Built on LESS for full style control
  • RTL Support
  • Boxed & Wide Layouts
  • 7 unique navigation styles (based on modular system)
  • |

  • Left and Right Column Sidebar Layouts
  • 8 unique footer styles
  • Detailed Element Index with markup snippets
  • Full e-commerce styling including checkout and cart
  • Full blog styling with multiple layouts
  • Full portfolio styling with multiple layouts
  • Login and Create Account pages with additional utilities (eg: lost passwords)
  • Coming Soon pages with working countdown timer
  • One-page or Multi-page layouts with smooth scrolling
  • Multiple colour schemes
  • Multiple typography schemes
  • Google reCAPTCHA V2 [ I’m not a robot ]
  • Working PHP mail forms via AJAX
  • Working Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp forms via AJAX
  • 2,000+ Icons from the premium Icons Mind kit ($49 value)
  • Flickity responsive slider plugin
  • Isotope filterable masonry plugin
  • Fullscreen lightbox gallery plugin
  • Twitter feed integration
  • Instagram feed integration
  • Google Maps API Integration
  • Countdown timer integration
  • Exclusive parallax plugin, developed by Medium Rare
  • Thorough, browser-based documentation View here
  • 6 months included support via dedicated support forum
  • Regular item updates with content additions and bug fixes

Note: While most images in Stack are supplied in the download package – some images cannot be supplied due to licensing reasons and have been blurred heavily.


=================================================================== v 2.0.5 – 13 December 2018 ——————————————————————- FIX – Fixed bug where form inputs zoom on iOS FIX – Fixed bug where notifications overflowed window on mobile Files affected: ——————————————————————- FIX – less/forms.less FIX – less/notifications.less FIX – css/theme.less =================================================================== v 2.0.4 – 10 August 2018 ——————————————————————- UPDATE – Using curl to verify reCAPTCHA with Google FIX – Fixed notification width to adhere to column classes FIX – Fixed overlap issue with Cover Text 4 in Variant FIX – Setting data-marker-image on map scales icon properly Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – mail/lib/mail_sender.php FIX – css/theme.css FIX – less/notifications.less FIX – scripts.js =================================================================== v 2.0.3 – 24 July 2018 ——————————————————————- UPDATE – Updated Bootstrap core to v 4.1.2 FIX – Fixed video play icon hover effect bug FIX – Fixed input[type=”image”] from being auto-resized Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – css/bootstrap.css UPDATE – css/theme.css UPDATE – less/videos.less =================================================================== v 2.0.2 – 6 April 2018 ——————————————————————- FIX – Fixed ‘Cover Text 4’ text being hidden by image UPDATE – Updated Twitterfetcher plugin to 18.0.2 for API change FIX – Patched Spectragram plugin to fit instagram API change FIX – Fixed input[type=”image”] from being auto-resized FIX – Fixed autoshow notification overflowing screen width FIX – Fixed form margins on desktop and mobile screen sizes FIX – Fixed input[type=”image”] from being auto-resized FIX – Fixed issue with auto-selecting accordion panel by URL Files affected: ——————————————————————- FIX – /js/scripts.js FIX – elements-notifications.html UPDATE – /js/twitterfetcher.min.js UPDATE – /js/spectragram.min.js UPDATE – /less/framework_components/forms.less UPDATE – variant/builder.html (some section HTML fixes) =================================================================== v 2.0.1 – 15 February 2018 ——————————————————————- UPDATE – Removed redundant Bootstrap 3 ‘col-offset’ classes from markup UPDATE – Removed redundant Bootstrap 3 ‘col-pull’, ‘col-push’ classes from markup FIX – Text blocks stacking without margin on mobile FIX – Thumbnails in Variant =================================================================== v 2.0.0 – 9 February 2018 ——————————————————————- BREAKING – Updated to Bootstrap 4 core CSS FIX – Hover dropdowns on mobile FIX – Tabs and accordions activate by ID compatible with Vue UPDATE – Typo in docs for accordion–oneopen UPDATE – More options for subscribe forms in sidebar in Variant * NOTES ON UPDATING * – If you are new to Stack with v2.0.0, this does not affect you. Happy building! – Old pages will not break if left unmodified with Bootstrap 3. – Upgrading Stack to Bootstrap 4 primarily changes Stack’s HTML, mostly around the nesting of rows and columns. – Most elements still use the same HTML. – If you have old pages, we recommend leaving them un-updated as the work involved is painstaking and tedious. – Rebuild old pages on the new HTML base if absolutely necessary. – Updating existing pages is a manual process of rearranging HTML. – Variant now uses Bootstrap 4 also, and saved Variant pages will appear broken in Variant, but exported to HTML will function fine when used with old Bootstrap 3 CSS. – There is no way to transform old pages to new pages in Variant. – New pages can coexist on the same site with old pages, just make sure your old and new pages reference a different bootstrap.css. For any queries or if you need help deciding what to do with your existing site, open a ticket at . Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – All =================================================================== v 1.5.2 – 14 November 2017 ——————————————————————- FIX – dropdown–hover class bahaving as expected on mobile FIX – Buttons under modal now clickable on iOS FIX – Removed duplicate 505 block and added 404 in Variant FIX – Radio buttons and checkboxes exporting from Variant FIX – Section-modal class added to fix close event on modals containing sections FIX – Editing Text on Cover Slider 1 in Variant UPDATE – Enhanced documenatation for manual subscribe forms UPDATE – Mailer now setting Reply-To and Sender headers properly UPDATE – modal-container can have modal—prevent-close to stop accidental clicks outside from closing the modal Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /scripts.js UPDATE – /css/theme-*.css UPDATE – /variant/builder.html UPDATE – /less/framework_components/dropdowns.less UPDATE – /less/framework_components/modals.less =================================================================== v 1.5.1 – 26 October 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – Added home-accommodation layout FIX – Google maps data-zoom “not a number” bug FIX – Embed video iframe src fixed in Variant FIX – Masonry links now clickable in Win7 IE11 UPDATE – input-icon–right class for placing icons in inputs to the right Files affected: ——————————————————————- NEW – /home-accommodation.html UPDATE – /scripts.js UPDATE – /css/theme-*.css UPDATE – /less/theme_components/forms.less =================================================================== v 1.5.0 – 5 September 2017 ——————————————————————- * NEW * – GLOBAL OPTIONS FRAMEWORK for included plugins. See docs for more – NEW – Search Results Listing template NEW – Map instances now available in mr.maps.instances UPDATE – Added event when maps initialise. UPDATE – Class parallax-disable-mobile may be applied to body element to disable all parallax on mobile devices. FIX – Fixed accordion script error due to # in URL bar FIX – IE11 Select elements now showing correct icon Files affected: ——————————————————————- NEW – /page-utility-search-results-list.html UPDATE – /less/theme_components/lists.less UPDATE – /scripts.js UPDATE – /js/parallax.js UPDATE – /css/theme-*.css =================================================================== v 1.4.7 – 18 August 2017 ——————————————————————- FIX – Wizard content now centered correctly NEW – Ken Burns effect for sections with .section–ken-burns UPDATE – Added toggle between Parallax and Ken Burns in Variant FIX – Removed duplicate ‘CTA Button’ section in Variant FIX – Wizard overlapping nav on onboarding page FIX – Loading a map using data-latlong FIX – Modal event error Files affected: ——————————————————————- FIX – /js/scripts.js UPDATE – /variant/* UPDATE – /css/theme-*.css UPDATE – /less/theme_components/images.less UPDATE – /less/theme_components/wizard.less UPDATE – /page-utility-onboarding.html =================================================================== v 1.4.6 – 11 August 2017 ——————————————————————- FIX – Parallax positioning of first section on Android UPDATE – Settings added to sliders as data-attributes: freescroll, rtl, accessibility, draggable, initial Files affected: ——————————————————————- FIX – /js/parallax.js UPDATE – /js/scripts.js =================================================================== v 1.4.5 – 4 August 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – Horizontal progress bars (elements-progress-bars.html) NEW – Modals now emit events when opening and closing NEW – Notifications now emit events when showing and hiding NEW – Added function mr.util.removeHash to alter URL bar UPDATE – Modal’s ID is removed from URL bar when modal is closed UPDATE – Docs updated for showing/hiding notifications UPDATE – Updated Docs for forms saving to CSV UPDATE – Specify the name of your forms CSV file in mail.php NEW – Added index file to mail folder to protect CSV file UPDATE – Signup forms using correct protocol for current page UPDATE – Inputs with data-default-value attribute are reset by calling the mr.forms.resetForm function FIX – Modal fade out animation no longer buggy FIX – Number stepper input has no browser arrows in Firefox FIX – mail_sender.php error when confirmation set to false Files affected: ——————————————————————- NEW – /elements-progress-bars.html NEW – /mail/index.html UPDATE – /mail/mail.php UPDATE – /mail/lib/mail_sender.php UPDATE – /js/scripts.js =================================================================== v 1.4.4 – 28 July 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – Forms can now send the user an HTML confirmation email NEW – Forms can now save submissions to a CSV file NEW – Tabs “Folder” style: use tabs–folder class UPDATE – Added more detailed pagination to blog pages Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /sections-tabs.html UPDATE – /mail/mail.php UPDATE – /mail/lib/mail_sender.php NEW – /mail/head.html NEW – /mail/foot.html =================================================================== v 1.4.3 – 21 July 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – Parallax effect extended to iOS ans Android browsers UPDATE – Show zoom controls on Google API maps Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /js/scripts.js UPDATE – /js/parallax.js =================================================================== v 1.4.2 – 14 July 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – Added Public Profile page (page-accounts-profile.html) UPDATE – Added ability to trigger a modal from any link including from within another modal FIX – Wizards init will only fire if wizard is uninitialised FIX – Iframes in modals now autoplay correctly FIX – Accordions one-open issue resolved FIX – Youtube Backgrounds now play correctly on Safari Files affected: ——————————————————————- NEW – page-accounts-profile.html UPDATE – /js/scripts.js UPDATE – ytplayer.min.js =================================================================== v 1.4.1 – 10 July 2017 ——————————————————————- UPDATE – Forced documentRready to fire after windowLoad scripts UPDATE – Forced a parallax refresh after flickity sliders init UPDATE – default mail/mail.php location no longer hard coded, location of mail.php optionally provided in form action UPDATE – Radio and checkbox elements no longer ‘display: block’, which fixes jQuery validation FIX – Footer subscribe forms now embeddable in Variant FIX – Centering of paragraphs in featured small elements FIX – Updated form elements markup on page-accounts page FIX –

FIX – Styled number input now emits change event when clicked FIX – .dropdowns—hover now works reliably via touch on mobile FIX – Imageblock content on short windows no longer overlows FIX – Features Large 5 display on portrait tablet Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /form-elements.html UPDATE – /blog-single.html UPDATE – /less/theme_components/blog.less UPDATE – /css/theme*.css UPDATE – /js/scripts.js UPDATE – /variant/builder.html =================================================================== v 1.3.10 – 9 June 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – data-delay-src will switch to src on window load event FIX – Twitter icon in footer lists now shows correctly FIX – Removed unnecessary console log from smooth scroll FIX – Datepickers now working correctly when nested in tabs FIX – Fixed unresponsive checkboxes on subscribe forms FIX – Square brackets solved in radio button name attribute Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /less/theme_components/twitter.less UPDATE – /css/theme*.css UPDATE – /js/scripts.js =================================================================== v 1.3.9 – 2 June 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – Added Features Small 14 block NEW – Added Feature Large 14 block UPDATE – Primary background colour option to Variant sections UPDATE – Added text alignment options to Variant sections FIX – Issue with in-page navigator not highlighting correctly FIX – Text inputs can be emptied in Variant section controls FIX – Footers syncing properly across pages in Variant FIX – Uneditable text issue when pasting lists into Variant FIX – Footer section options saving immediately in Variant FIX – Navs and footers exporting to HTML with latest changes FIX – Button on Cover Slider 1 is now right-clickable FIX – Form elements now displaying correctly in wizards Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /sections-features-small.html UPDATE – /sections-features-large.html UPDATE – /js/scripts.js UPDATE – /less/framework_components/forms.less UPDATE – /variant/* =================================================================== v 1.3.8 – 26 May 2017 ——————————————————————- UPDATE – Added Google reCAPTCHA support for forms UPDATE – Added Typography colour class helpers FIX – Material Icons working as large icons FIX – Variant now consistently outputs Material Icons css FIX – Parallax now showing as it should in Variant Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /js/scripts.js UPDATE – /less/framework_components/forms.less UPDATE – /less/theme_components/icons.less UPDATE – /variant/* =================================================================== v 1.3.7 – 22 May 2017 ——————————————————————- FIX – Fixed Twitter feeds not working Files affected: ——————————————————————- UPDATE – /js/twitterfetcher.min.js =================================================================== v 1.3.6 – 19 May 2017 ——————————————————————- NEW – Added Dismissable Alerts (elements-alerts.html) UPDATE – Improved positioning of dropdowns on window resize UPDATE – Imported images now appear at top of Variant gallery UPDATE – Fixed navigation dropdown’s vertical alignment on page FIX – Importing multiple images in Variant issue FIX –